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Keep Your Creativity Alive: OCC/RWA March Online Class with @jillbadonsky

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Does you creativity go in fits and starts? If so, check out OCC/RWA’s March Online Class:

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About the Class:

What can we writers learn from lizards, lift from birds, In quickness is truth. The faster you blurt, the more swiftly you write, the more honest you are.” ~Ray Bradbury

Writing is a celebration of who we are and of all the stories, images, and beliefs we have inside that are singularly ours. There are as many forms of creativity as there are people – if we trust our instincts and get out of the way of our fears, habits, and incarcerating perfectionism, our unique voice can more effortlessly emerge. The more we find ways to love our writing, the easier it will be to show-up.

In this fun, 5-week workshop learn at least six ways you can tap into your instincts, intuition, and imagination to generate new ideas, breathe new life into your writing, and rekindle your romance with the creative process. Includes MP3 of a guided imagery followed by guided writing to trigger your instincts.

About the Instructor:

Jill Badonsky in Sedona, AZ

Jill Badonsky is a creativity coaching pioneer, inspirational humorist, artist, and founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™ Training, a coaching model that guides individuals by using unprecedented approaches to busting through blocks to creative joy. Jill has been a creativity coach and consultant since 1997 and specializes in consulting with anyone who has a creative block including those who don’t think they are creative. She has worked with writers, authors, artists, civilians in flux, business builders, film-makers, storytellers, stand-up comedians, and coaching writers, artists, and anyone wanting to live life with more creative thought, action and fulfillment.

She is a nationally recognized workshop leader, award winning speaker, and author of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard):10 Guides to Creative Inspiration for Artists, Poets, Lovers and Other Mortals Wanting to Live a Dazzling Existence, the award winning, The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder and The Muse is In: An Owner’s Manual to Your Creativity.

Jill is also a multimedia artist/illustrator, poet and playwright. She is a certified Yoga teacher; teaching for over 30 years in corporate, prison, retreat, and wellness centers.

She is a corporate drop-out with a background in mental health, occupational therapy, marketing, and creative consulting with national magazines.

Jill writes a monthly column for Creativity Portal, and is chief editor of the monthly The Muse Flash: a newsletter devoted to creativity since 1997. Jill’s services operate out of The Muse is In.

Jill lives in San Diego with two cats and a bougainvillea. Reach Jill at info@themuseisin.com.

Enrollment Information

This is a 4-week online course that uses email and Yahoo Groups. If you do not have a Yahoo ID you will be prompted to create one when you join the class, but the process is not difficult. The class is open to anyone wishing to participate. The cost is $30.00 per person or, if you are a member of OCCRWA, $20.00 per person.

Enrollment is a two-step process. In Step 1, you ask to Join the Yahoo Group. Step 2 is your payment via PayPal.

Class Fees are $20.00 for OCC/RWA members: $30.00 for non-members. Sign up at http://occrwa.org/classes/march-online-class/.

For further information regarding this class, refunds or problems enrolling/paying for the class, please send an email to the OCCRWA Online Class Coordinator at onlineclass@occrwa.org.

Linda McLaughlin
OCC/RWA Online Class Coordinator

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