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Long Lost Loves

April 4, 2007 by in category Archives tagged as

Is there a book you read ages ago and loved, but can’t remember the title and are dying to find it?

Great! Me too!

Today, in our first installment of Long Lost Loves, I will ask (No, beg!) you to dig deep into your memory banks and help a girlfriend out.

I read this novel as a young teen. It was my second single title romance. (The first was Shanna, but I read this one in the same weekend and am feeling nostalgic for it.)

Here’s what I know:

The cover had a swarthy dark-haired hero who looked more like a dirty thug than a hero.

The girl had white-blonde hair and (as I recall) iridescent green eye shadow. And her head was kinda hanging upside down while in his embrace (like we were looking down at her).

(Not that you could see it in the cover-art, but I recall she had green eyes…because I remember thinking, “Why on earth would a green-eyed girl wear green eye shadow?” Browns, oranges, and bronzes to make greens pop…anything but green, really. Duh!)

He often called her angel. They didn’t know each other’s true identities.

Their “cute-meet” involved him finding her sleeping nude on a beach. He took advantage of the situation, of course. And she, a virgin (of course) thought she was dreaming until it was too late. (Ah, the good old days…)

I believe he was a pirate, but also a lord/spy working for the crown or something. She was a lady, but, of course, he presumed she was anything but.

That’s all I remember.

If anyone could shed any light on this Long Lost Love, please reply to this post or e-mail me.

Also, if you have a Long Lost Love you’d like to get reacquainted with, e-mail me at dana_diamond@sbcglobal.net and I’ll post yours too.

Warmest regards,

Dana Diamond

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