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So What Are You Wearing to the Rita’s? No Really…

May 23, 2012 by in category Archives tagged as , , ,

Until the May meeting, I really hadn’t thought too much about the 2012 National Romance Writers of America Conference. I mean, I had…I registered and paid for it, I looked over the list of editors and agents that would be attending checked out the workshops, made hotel arrangements, okay, Joyce and Julie made hotel arrangements and included me in them, but that counts right? (Have I mentioned to you guys that I’m the Queen of Run On Sentences? No really I am!) But, it was something I was doing later, in the future so it didn’t seem real. Okay, the credit card bill was pretty real, but the event still seemed far away to me.
I wasn’t even going to go. My husband, Paul, the real life hero in the romance story of my life, henceforth referred to as Hunky Hubby (it’s a long story, but that’s his name now in my other blogs, so it might as well be here) was laid off in February, just before registration. He was off for several weeks and I couldn’t justify spending five hundred dollars on registration, two to three hundred on a hotel room, who knows how much on food…and possibly wine, and then whatever else comes up, because it will. I mean I still have to find a dress for the RITA’s!! What is everyone else wearing please help!!
So I wasn’t going to go. But, Hunky Hubby intervened. “This is for your career, you’re not going on a girl’s weekend to Vegas, you needto do this.” (Ha, little does he know!) It took him a couple of weeks to convince me. I’m the one who pays the bills and manages the money and in general I’m pretty frugal. I finally broke down and registered April 9th, yes the very last day of the early registration discount.
But I wasn’t excited, maybe it was the guilt, maybe just life has been so hectic. I didn’t get excited until the last OCC meeting. Everyone was talking about the upcoming conference, previous conferences, sharing tips, talking about writers, editors and agents that would be there, workshops to attend and all of the books!!
Now I’m excited. Not just excited, but motivated and even a little nervous. My writing productivity has greatly increased since the meeting. I’m making lists of things I need to remember to take, I’m looking online at semi-formal dresses for RITA…seriously, what are you guys wearing??
I was told not to take my manuscript that editors and agents won’t take them there, but Hunky Hubby has decided I need to take my manuscript. In fact, he’s convinced I need to take a hundred copies, so he’s putting it on hundreds of little flash drives for me to carry and hand to every editor or agent that I meet, and anyone who looks like they could be an editor or agent. I on the other hand am ordering business cards to distribute instead. Don’t tell Hunky Hubby.
I’m worried that Hunky Hubby and Middle Son (Middle Son is the last son living at home) will starve while I’m gone. I mean, neither cooks, well, they do grill, but they won’t even make themselves a sandwich and they’ll sit at the dining table, Hunky Hubby with a cold beer and Middle Son with a can of soda (he’s 22, but I’m in denial) waiting for me to serve their dinner each evening. Or, Middle Son will pick up pizza or tacos every night, and they’ll have subway for lunch. Okay, I guess they won’t starve.
And then there’s my manuscript. Can I expand my word count enough and have it polished in time? And my pitch, I don’t even want to think about my pitch, but of course, I’m constantly thinking about my pitch. OMG I HAVE TO GIVE A PITCH….MORE THAN ONCE.
So what are you all going to wear to the RITA’s? Can you please tell me so I can relax and quit worrying about the conference? Please?

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