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November 12, 2012 by in category Archives tagged as , ,

Sunday, September 23rd was the fall equinox, and a harvest moon graced the skies at 13:59 Greenwich time the following Saturday. A full moon always disturbs my sleep, wakes me in the middle of the night and insists I stare at its garden. In September, I was drawn to that moon for all six nights. I dismissed the first night as normal when I woke at three in the morning, but by the third night, I swore at the light shining through my window. I got up and turned on the TV. I clicked past Mexican soccer and landed on Password Plus. Even at this hour, my wordsmith heart wanted to watch. It wasn’t terribly exciting to see dead people playing the game, but at the end of the program, the host, Allen Ludden (late husband of the incomparable Betty White), left the audience with a question, “Are you moving the stool when you should be moving the piano?”
The next morning, I woke with the question on my lips. I thought of our OCC writers and my own writing. How would I answer that question? Have I been rolling that stool around and ignoring the piano? Have I been wrapped up in the little things and forgetting the big things?
I want to ask about your piano. Is your writing moving forward or are you rolling that stool around in circles?
By the time you read this column, I guarantee my piano will have moved. Join me. Happy writing! 
Ottilia Scherschel

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