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Old Country Welcome by Neetu

September 26, 2021 by in category Poet's Day by Neetu Malik tagged as , , , ,

The sign is posted
on the porch
I've walked many times
this way before
through seasons warm and cold
but no one appears at the door.

An abandoned house that
says Welcome
must have been somebody's abode—
leaves me guessing who 
might have 
lived in a happy home

in this town where few might wander
unless they've lost their way,
no highways feed into 
these streets, just old Chevy trucks
parked by stacks of hay.

A wind chime blows with 
wind's moody strokes
each time I stroll by,
but the windows seem 
so tightly sealed,
no visitors knock to say hi.

It must have been a place of joy
for some kind-hearted folks
who lived and left
the signpost still hanging
on the porch.

© Neetu Malik

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