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Severed Relations (The Finn O’Brien Thriller Series Book 1)  by Rebecca Forster

Create Space  2016   ISBN 9781533275516

It’s Thanksgiving. You know what to do: eat, get stuffed like the Turkey, zone out. If you want to get the adrenaline pumping and the juices flowing again, yours not the birds’, our own Rebecca Forster has the tryptophan antidote: Severed Relations, Book 1 of her Finn O’Brien Thriller Series.

Every day is great, until it’s not. And one often boasts of their nice neighbors and safe neighborhood…until something happens.

The Barnetts, a well-to-do family on upscale Fremont Place are living the dream: great house, successful husband, stay-at-home mom, two lovely daughters, and a live-in nanny. One happy family of five.

Enter Detective Finn O’Brien to investigate the triple murder that turns their dream into a nightmare. As one of the characters in the story says, “this falls on the far of side of hell.”

Ostracized by his fellow officers for violating the blue code when he killed one of their own: a bad cop, Finn is forced to track down the killer, or killers, on his own. And he can’t count on back-up if things get rough.

Detective Cori Anderson, with ‘feelings’ of her own toward Finn, agrees to partner with him on the case. Together, they attempt to unravel the hideous mystery. Nothing stolen. No apparent enemies. Unlikely targets. It wasn’t the butler, they don’t even have one.

In Severed Relations, Rebecca Forster leads us on a page-turning, suspense-filled, unnerving journey into the hWrite from the Heart | Veronica Jorge | A Slice of Orangeeart of darkness that reflects real life. Feelings can sometimes blind and mislead you, and events and people are not always what they seem.


See you next time on December 22nd.


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