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If you’ve ever thought of history as boring, you don’t know what you’re missing!

The Reluctant Groom and Other Historical Stories by Faith L. Justice s a collection of four intriguing tales that will move you to tears, renew your faith in true love, inspire bravery in you, and make you think twice about parting with an old antique.

The Reluctant Groom, the first story, portrays a sad, lonely and confirmed bachelor brought back to life by the power of love.

The Bitter Winter reminds us of the heart-breaking events that force peoples to migrate; the sacrifices they make for their families, and the risks they take to ensure their future.

In the third story, The Jar, Justice draws attention to the varied and important roles that women have played since the dawn of time, yet are often relegated to a footnote in history.

The final story in the collection, The Angel of the Marshes, highlights the contributions that children have made, frequently shouldering responsibilities like adults and demonstrating creativity and bravery.

The Reluctant Groom and Other Historical Stories will transform you inWrite from the Heart | Veronica Jorge | A Slice of Orangeto a historical fiction reader, and a Faith L. Justice fan.

Take the plunge and find your own self in the past!

See you next time on September 22nd.


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