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My Year To Be Steadfast

December 12, 2018 by in category The Writing Journey by Denise Colby tagged as ,

by Denise M. Colby

My Year to Be Steadfast | Denise M. Colby | A Slice of Orange



My word for 2018.

I loved choosing this word.  It truly was a word that fit my year, my writing, my life. 

Sure. Dependable. Reliable. Constant. Unwavering. Steady.

All the things I needed in order to see things through this year. I needed to be sure of myself to pursue my writing goals. I needed to be dependable and reliable, so I would keep writing. Constant, unwavering support from writing friends made things fun and encouraging. Steady. Something to tell myself whenever I found myself wavering.

I had created three quick messages which I kept close by to remind me throughout the year:

  • steadfast in one’s faith
  • do not look behind
  • stay focused on what’s ahead

When I took the Seriously Creative online class with Laura Gate-Lupton recently, we created process goals to support our outcome goal. I found my process goals were the steps I need to help me be steadfast.

When I keep my focus on these smaller actions, I’m able to make progress without overwhelming myself. By going slow and steady, I see actual progress. Steadfast!

I’m really going to miss this word next year. 

But with a new year, comes a new word. I wonder what my word for 2019 will be?

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Time to choose a word for next year!
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