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WINNERS – The Worst Valentine’s Day Ever

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Vicki Lewis Thompson and OCC are thrilled to announce the winners of The Worst Valentine’s Day Ever contest.

But first we’d like to thank Vicki Lewis Thompson for teaming up with us and for helping make this The Best Valentine’s Contest Ever.

For even more Valentine fun, be sure to look for Vicki’s latest, My Nerdy Valentine.

Vicki Lewis Thompson is uniquely qualified to document the nerd experience and has the National Honor Society pin to prove it. Long before brains were cool, she made passes at guys who wore glasses. She eventually married one.

Being a smart man, he recommended she write romances. Being a smart woman, she wrote about romantic nerds. When Nerd in Shining Armor hit the NYT bestseller list, it validated her secret passion and confirmed what she’s always known – nerds are hot and getting hotter! The runaway success of Vicki’s nerd books indicates that we have officially entered an era of nerd love, which suits her perfectly.

And now for the winners!

But first I’d like to thank all who entered and followed along. It was great fun and we hope you come back next year.


Next year’s too long to wait?

Well okay!

Come back tomorrow when we kick off A Slice of Orange, the e-zine!

That’s right!

Come back every day for lots of fun, friendship, tips and tricks for newbies and inspiration for newbies and veterans alike.

Okay…now for the winners!

First Place:

The Valentine’s Day Scale: Great, Good, Not So Good, Ugly and Get Off Me by Jen Crooks

Second Place:

Smokin’ Valentine by Rebecca Forster

Third Place:

Slip Slidin’ Away by Andrea Baker

Congratulations, girls!

Warmest regards,

Dana Diamond

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Author Talk in The OC

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By Jina Bacarr

Are you on the go 24/7 with your family, your writing, your emails? Did you miss the last monthly OCC/RWA meeting? Or you attended the meeting and you want to know more about our guests? OCC doesn’t have instant replay, but we have the next best thing: Video podcasts with our guests as well as OCC authors.

Check out the OCC podcast page for my series, “Author Talk in the O.C.,” video and audio podcasts that are fun and informative. In my monthly audio podcast, you’ll get all the info about our next meeting on March 10th and a sneak peak at what’s inside the Orange Blossom Newsletter. Check out all my OCC podcasts at http://www.jinabacarr.com/OCCpodcast.html

And I’ll see you at the meeting!


Jina Bacarr picked up her first microphone at the age of ten and worked in radio (deejay and commercial voiceovers) before podcasting. She’s the author of The Blonde Geisha and coming in July, Naughty Paris.

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