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Everybody Votes

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by Sara Black

Here’s how it works. There’s a question with two possible answers. You vote on your own opinion, then you vote on how you think the general population will vote. A few weeks later the results are in, and you get to see how many people voted the same as you, and whether you were right about popular opinion. You also get to see breakdowns in percentages, how the sexes, states and countries differed.

Welcome to “Everybody Votes” a surprisingly fun part of the Nintendo Wii experience that involves dropping a miniature version of yourself onto a pie graph. There is no real game play here, just the amusement of trying to predict how other people (well, other Wii owners) think in comparison to yourself.

A few random picks:

National Poll: What do you think of sushi? Delicious or Uncooked fish?
Delicious: 45.3%
Uncooked Fish: 54.7%
Men: 46.0% said Delicious
Women: 43.9% said Delicious
Unsurprisingly the states with the most “delicious” votes were on the Pacific (California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii). While the rest of the country was anti-raw-fish, the sushi lovers in Colorado and Delaware surprised me.

National Poll: Which is luckier? Four-leaf clover or Horseshoe?
Four-leaf clover: 86.4%
Horseshoe: 13.6%
Men: 87.0% said Four Leaf Clover
Women: 85.2% said Four Leaf Clover

Worldwide Poll: Do you have a cell/mobile phone?
Yes: 77.7%
No: 22.3%
Men: 77.1% had cells
Women: 78.7% had cells
Finland, home of Nokia, had the most cell phone owners. What caught my attention though, was that Canada, Japan and USA had the least. I imagine a group of kids hip enough to own the latest video game technology, but not old enough to sign binding contracts.

For more results check out this blog.

Sara Black has a degree in Cinema/Television from USC. She watches far too much television, eats way too much sushi and is always writing a romance novel. This is the ninth in a series of posts on Pop Culture.

She is about 300 meters away from popular opinion, and thinks that sushi is delicious.

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