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It’s summer, I must be reading…

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What’s the best thing about vacation time? Uninterrupted, guilt-free reading!

About now, I’m starting to look at that enormous stack of unread books on my nightstand, on my floor…in my office…the living room…and for the first time in ages, they’re more than a twinkle in my eye. I will read some of these books! Soon!

I’m going to tell you some of the vacation reading I have lined up, and I hope you’ll tell me some of yours.

Three to Get Deadly, by Janet Evanovich – I read some of the later Stephanie Plum novels, but only recently read books one and two. Which means I now need to read book three.

Nature Girl, by Carl Hiaasen—I love his books!

Beauvallet, by Georgette Heyer—it’s not a vacation unless I read a Georgette Heyer. I haven’t read this one before, so I’m looking forward to it, even though it’s not the usual Regency style story, going by the cover blurb.

Mulberry Park, by Judy Duarte—bought this a while back, heard good things, haven’t read it yet.

A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Husseini—I’ve had this a while, but need a decent chunk of time to sit down and read it.

Good at Games, by Jill Mansell—looks like a fun romantic comedy.

Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic—this one will be a re-read, it makes me laugh every time.

Might pick up a new book by Rhonda Pollero. Cindy Kirk has one out I’m wanting to read. I’ll get the latest in this year’s Harlequin NASCAR series (all linked stories, so far all great) and a few Superromances. Might buy a Jan Karon if I see them in the shops—the last one I read in the Mitford series was Out to Canaan, can’t remember which one comes next – hopefully it’ll say in the front of the book… On my wishlist: A new Susan Elizabeth Phillips, but I don’t think there’s one planned.

That ought to keep me busy…but if you think there’s something I must read, tell me! Or just tell me what you plan to read.

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What You Don’t Know

by Geralyn Ruane

“Have you ever read anything about Bigfoot not

being able to drive?” from“Bigfoot Stole My Wife” by Ron Carlson

Does Bigfoot exist? How about ghosts? Love at first sight? Angels? Rodents Of Unusual Size? God?

There are tons of people out there who will tell you that Bigfoot is a myth. Others who will say there are no such things as ghosts or angels. Some will claim R.O.U.S’s don’t exist and still others who will fashion elaborate arguments to disprove the existence of God. And I’ll never forget that Shakespeare class in college in which scores of students were jumping in to snort that “Come on! There’s no such thing as love at first sight.”

But how do all these naysayers know?

Are they truly omniscient? Or are they playing the odds, deciding that an idea is simply too preposterous to credit? But how preposterous is “too preposterous?” A hairy man-beast bushwhacking through the woods of the Pacific Northwest? Heavenly creatures helping out those all across the prairie, from sea to shining sea? A black man running for president?

If you stop thinking you know so much for a sec, isn’t it wonderful how many things in this world are possible?

Maybe ghosts and God and angels and Bigfoot and unicorns and ESP do exist – maybe they don’t. I honestly don’t know. I believe in some of them, not in others. But I’m not going to turn my beliefs on others and allow my ideas to morph into The Truth, into The Way It Is.

Suppose all those people out there who believe in Bigfoot turned this belief into The Truth – The Bigfoot Is Real Party. Then suppose the Bigfooters decided to disenfranchise, imprison, torture or kill all those people who didn’t believe in Bigfoot, because universal belief in Bigfoot was so very important to them. What a mess. And like Bigfoot would even care.

It’s the very fact that others are free not to believe in Bigfoot and to live their lives as if Bigfoot does not exist that keeps the beliefs of the Bigfooters safe. The idea that reiki might be good for Sasquatch may be considered silly by some, but allowing for the possibility is what keeps liberty alive.

When she was growing up, Geralyn loved drawing horses and nurtured a huge crush on three members of Duran Duran. But to keep from seeming too painfully cliché, she pretended that she did not like reading the magazine Young Miss. These days she co-hosts the radio show Better Times After 50 on AdviceRadio.com. Her short story “Jane Austen Meets the New York Giants” is published in the New York Times Bestselling anthology The Right Words at the Right Time, Volume 2.

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