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Monica Stoner, Member at Large
A story has been making the rounds recently about the profound influence the choices we make in our lives have on our future. The main character of the story is a man who makes the decision to be happy every day, no matter what. Even after a horrific accident, he decides to not only live, but to bring his positive attitude to everyone around him.

How can this apply to our lives as writers? We make a choice every time we put words on paper. We can choose to put off writing until later. We can choose to write to our lowest level since we think no one beyond our critique partners will ever read it. We can fret over every word, searching for perfection from the very beginning. Or we can find our personal special place in our minds, letting us get the words on the page.

We make that same choice when we critique or judge others writing. Do we hunt for every possible error, or do we look for the story under the writing? Do we toss the work aside because it starts in the most boring, banal fashion possible, or do we hunt for that perfect opening line? Most of all do we come away from these readings with a better sense of purpose in our own writing?

To think of always entering a room with a positive attitude takes us back to lessons from childhood. Turn that frown upside down and walk on the sunny side of the street. Banal then, boring now. Except how many grumpy gloomy people attract anyone not grumpier or gloomier than themselves? Not many. Try leaving the gloomy side in the car, at the gate, packed up in a box for a couple of days, and see how much easier life can be. Is writing any easier? Well, I got this blog done, which is more than I=ve managed on my down with everything days!

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