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I missed my regular posting day on the 17th, since I forgot about everything but finishing my book that day! Anyway, here I am, making up for it!
I was thinking about First Steps the other day and it occurred to me that first steps happen everywhere in your writing career. There are writers like Kate Carlisle, who are taking their First Steps in seeing their book on the shelves. First book published. Nothing more exciting really. And Homicide in Hardcover is sure to do fabulously well! It’s a great story.

Then there’s our own Jennifer Apodaca, who’s taking a First Step into a whole new genre. As Jennifer Lyon, she’s got the first book in her new Witch Hunter series coming out. And Blood Magic is going to be amazing. It’s a great book with a terrific story and characters. Still, it’s a First Step and that can be terrifying.
And then there’s me. Bedeviled is the First Step in a new paranormal series for me. Yes, I’ve done paranormal before. I’ve started series before and no, this is really not anywhere close to my first book.
But it’s still scary. Every First Step is intimidating and filled with doubts and worries and CAN I PULL IT OFF moments.
No matter where you are on the publishing road, those First Steps are terrirfying.

The only way to get past the fear is to take the step anyway. So finish the book you’re working on. Send in that proposal. Enter that contest. Every First Step brings you that much closer to the NEXT First Step. And that brings you closer to your goal.
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