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New Year Review

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By Lori Pyne

Being a solution seeker, problem solver, planner, maker of goals and an optismist, I love my New Year Review. I look back at what worked, what did not, what I want to keep or continue to do, what I want to change or stop, think about what I want to achieve, and then I make my plan and set my goals. I start each year with my new diet plan, new exercise plan, new writing goals, and new budget goals.

Sadly, sometimes I don’t even make it through the whole month of Janurary with my plan still in place and working, much less to June.

This year I’m trying something new. (I am still the optismist so years of failure only convinces me that I just need a better plan!!) I am spending January clearing out the old, cleaning and organizing my home office (oh and the rest of the house and garage – but that’s because I just can’t help myself!!), cooking up a bunch of healthy items (some for immediate consumption and some for future meals), catching up on sleep, and finishing training my replacement for my former second boss (still have my original boss – but now I’m back to just working for that one person – yippie!!).

From this place of order and sanity (a girl can dream), I am implementing my achieveable plan on February 1st. Yes achieveable, interesting idea, no? I will write at least one word per day, five days a week. I will exercise at least three days a week for thirty minutes. I will only eat if I am hungry. I will cook and eat at least one vegetarian meal a week (to work towards my eat more veggies goal). I will continue my nightly ritual of reading to my son. (The only goal from 2008 that I achieved. I am sure that anyone who knows me is not surprise to find that my one success is connected to my son.)

That’s it: clear the decks, clean and organize my work space and set reachable goals.

I have faith that when I see you next I’ll still be on track.

Does anyone else do a New Year review? Has anyone found a game plan that works for them? If so, please share!

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