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Motivation? Where art thou?

Last month (along with 50+ other writers) I attended OCC’s first special event of 2009–the very successful Diane Pershing “Plotting” Workshop. Right up to that sunny Saturday morning, I wasn’t sure if listening to Diane would help my plot problems. Actually, I only had one problem. I didn’t have a plot.

But I went—optimistic and eager and ready to absorb everything Diane planned to share with us. I was attentive and listened to every word. Not only was Diane helpful but she made sense. So much sense that I came away with a much clearer understanding of traditional and innovative plot methods used by writers of all genres. I was brimming over with new ideas for my own story and eager to get them on the page. I was charged up. I was raring to go. I was m-o-t-i-v-a-t-e-d!!

The next day or so after the workshop, while my new story ideas percolated around in my head, I re-organized my office, my writing space and my working files. I reorganized my schedule so I would have regular, uninterrupted time. I re-organized my notes and then my old, stale plot. This flurry of pre-writing activity worked because I wrote every day for a week. I got to my chair on time. I ignored the email. I steadied myself and said “no thanks” the lure of the Internet siren. I was so good.

Then, as usual, things started to happen. My perfect new writing schedule was sabotaged by unexpected “emergencies.” I ran out of cat food. I had to work late. I had to go into work early. Everyone else wanted a chunk of my time. And when I was finished distributing pieces of myself and my precious time to everyone else and everyone else’s needs, there was nothing left of me for me. I lost my motivation. Don’t know where it went, it just vanished. I’ve been looking for it for two weeks now.

As of today there are 22 posts on A Slice of Orange with “motivation” as the theme. I’m going to read them, one by one, and pray that even one piece of advice will work for me.

I’ll let you know what I learn because I really had fun writing…..for a while.

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