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Romance Novel TV is saying goodbye

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by Jina Bacarr

I have to admit I love watching videos online. Some are funny, some dramatic, but when it comes to checking out what my favorite authors are up to, I’m a Romance Novel TV junkie.

I just found out they’re saying goodbye.

I will miss them like an old friend. Since I planned this blog before I heard the news, it seems appropos to post it as I had written it…

At this writing, J.R. Ward is the featured author on their home page. She’s “getting personal,” talking about a favorite action adventure movie, the last book she read, her favorite sport…and whether she prefers Coke or Pepsi. Fun interview.

Previously, through the magic of the Internet, I visited with Christina Dodd at her beautiful lakeside home as she describes a typical day in her life as a writer. And one of my favorite Romance Novel TV video series is with romance author, Maya Rodale (“The Heir and the Spare“), as she explores the New York publishing offices of Penguin and talks with Wendy McCurdy, Berkley executive editor, Elizabeth Hanson, director of advertising and promotion, and George Long, art director. Definitely a must see series for anyone interested in a “behind the scenes” look at book publishing through the eyes of a first time author.

I remember when Romance Novel TV was getting started. Maria Lokken and her twin sister, Marisa O’Neill, both television producers, brought their love of romance novels to the Internet with video podcasts with Eloisa James, Nora Roberts and Jayne Ann Krentz. They realized that as Romance Novel TV grew, romance readers wanted to know more about their favorite authors and their books.

Romance Novel TV also features book reviews, guest authors and a book club with a calendar of upcoming books featured. Maria and Marisa have a wonderful staff of book reviewers: Stacey Agdern, Kati Dancy, PJ Ausdenmore, Buffie Johnson, Gannon Carr, Kate Garrabant, Stacy Ahlgren and Andrea Williamson. Information on how to submit a book for review is included on their site.

So the next time you’re taking a break from writing, check out Romance Novel TV. From blogs to YA books to the Hottie of the Month (yes, man candy too, what more can you ask for?), Romance Novel TV has something for everyone.

As identical twins Marisa and Maria say on their site: “Sometimes we walk alike and talk alike – but we definitely don’t think alike, and that’s precisely what makes life interesting around here.”

Jina Bacarr is also the author of The Blonde Geisha , Naughty Paris, Tokyo Rendezvous, a Spice Brief, and Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs, and Cleopatra’s Perfume.

Coming in February 2010: The Blonde Samurai
She embraced the way of the samurai. Two swords. Two loves.”

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