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Happy Halloween!

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Strolling through the neighborhood, the decorations were impressive and I wanted to share them with you. As I looked at the houses, I realized the focus was on setting the tone, first impressions–just like the opening of a story.

While some of these entryways may over promise in terms of delivering something similar inside, don’t you just want to check it out?

Here this real estate agent is clearly calling attention to the key element they want you to focus on (Yes, the agent’s name really is Bubes. Perhaps it’s pronounced in a special way):

1528 31st St.jpg

Here a daunting uphill climb is accompanied by ghosts and an organist, luring you to the top…

3132 Q St.jpg

It’s all about the entry way:

1603 31 #2.jpg

Step right in…

1227 31st St.jpg

Where are you going, and what makes you want to go there?

1315 31.jpg

This was the “piece of resistance” (never have been able to understand how that phrase works in French–shouldn’t it be irresistible?). Quite an entrance, isn’t it? I like the skeletal remains on the pathway.  The witch is almost too scary…

3013 Q #1.jpg

And here there’s room for some added support (don’t they look like a ghostly version of Rodin’s The Burghers of Calais?), directing you too that compelling opening. Nice, eh?

3013 Q #2.jpg

If your story were a house, would you want to go inside? What does the entry way look like? Think about it….

Isabel Swift

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