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When Bob Barker announced he would be leaving “The Price Is Right”, I must admit I was a little pessimistic that the show would continue with the same success as it had in the past.

Well, it’s been over three years now and I’m happy to say the show is still on the air and a whole bunch of people are still employed because of it. Drew shows his appreciation to everyone associated with the show by throwing the best wrap party I’ve ever been to and pays for it out of his own pocket, too.

The first party he hosted was on a Saturday night in some hot spot in Hollywood. I wasn’t familiar with the name of the club, but I was told by my co-workers it was a popular place. But the thought of driving into Hollywood on my day off, after a long work week didn’t appeal to me, so I passed on the invite. A decision I regretted when I heard how fantastic the party was that I missed. Not only did he fly in food from New York and his home state of Ohio, but he gave all the employees who attended a gift. It was a video recorder you can play back on your computer. Not being computer savvy, I’m not sure what it’s called.

The next year when the invitations went out, I was the first one to RSVP. That year, the party was held at the Congo Room in downtown L.A. and Drew brought in entertainment. It was The Brian Setzer Orchestra, (formerly frontman of the “Stray Cats”). The food was delicious and as enjoyable as the music was, it was loud–good, but loud. And the gift was an iPod Nano (which I have yet learned to use).
This was also the year Drew lost over forty pounds and decided to become health conscious. So there were no signs of fried chicken, spare ribs, or macaroni and cheese dishes (some of the fattening food served the year before). This time it was all sensible eating inside the party except for the Lemon Drop Martinis and Cosmos that were flowing freely. And if you really wanted to be sinful, there was carnival type food outside the hangar, like hot dogs and cotton candy. I’m sure this was done to keep all temptation out of Drew’s vision.

All and all the party was a huge success and I can’t wait to be invited to this year’s shindig…only this time I’ve promised myself to go easy on the Lemon Drop Martinis.

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