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A Glass Half Full

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by Jann Audiss

A glass half full!

In this world, we all look at life in different ways.  Myself, I like the glass half full way of thinking.  Looking back at the last six months, OCC/RWA’s meetings have been filled with speakers such as Anne Walradt, Robyn Carr, HelenKay Dimon, last month’s meeting and reception with Charlene Sands and Leanne Banks (the reception was so much fun) and this month Rob Preece and Sue Grimshaw.  The next six months will be filled with more great speakers, a networking session and our 30th Birthday Party celebration in October.  By the end of my  OCC/RWA Presidency, I will have a full glass.

                However, I find myself looking at my writing as the glass half empty. The Well Writer series in the May issue of the RWR has four outstanding articles on issues to help us evaluate and focus our lives and our writing.  One article had me nodding my head in agreement to many of the little monsters that get in my way,  like the internet, procrastination (my biggest monster), fear of failure, and asking myself, although I don’t think of writing as a hobby, where does it fall in my list of priorities. I had to chuckle at the “Just Say No” section (if I had listened to that one, I wouldn’t be writing this message).  However, the articles on the power of believing in oneself and meditation were full of suggestions and ideas to help stay true to oneself and to open and refresh your mind (I’m actually listening to a spa meditation CD while I write this message).  I’m already redesigning my writing area and looking at colors to paint the walls.  The article on keeping the creative well refilled helped to justify why I take classes, read blogs, seek information from websites, and attend OCC/RWA meetings. But, I will now keep in mind to watch how much time these activities are taking. The workshops, friendships and support I have found at OCC/RWA provide me with inspiration and strength to continue my journey in this wacky world of writing (and probably the reason I find myself volunteering). If you haven’t already read these articles, take a few minutes and see if maybe there may be an idea or two that might resonate with you – especially if you have hit a brick wall. 

                I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Weekend.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the men and women serving and protecting our country and their families, as well as to everyone in the Midwest and the South who have been struck by the devastating storms.

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