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Computer Issues

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For anyone who’s my Facebook friend or reads my Killer Hobbies blog, you know I’ve had some computer issues over the past couple of weeks. The upshot is that first my Internet access, and then a couple of my computers, crashed. Why? Malware!

I had to take my main desktop computer and one of my laptops to technicians to diagnose and fix. Turned out that we had to replace the hard drive on my desktop, and although the technician couldn’t figure out how the malware had affected my laptop, his working to diagnose it apparently solved the problem.

Some of you have undoubtedly experienced this. I have, too, on a much more limited basis. But a writer, these days, without access to a computer? What misery! And it lasted for several days.

Yes, I back things up. And even beyond that, although the technicians didn’t reinstall all the programs on my desktop, they somehow were able to save all the data–although I have to hunt for it. And I’m so untechie that it’s a real hunt.

So… my wish for all of you is that you never, ever, experience anything like this.

Oh, except for those out there who create viruses and malware and the like to harm people’s computers and think it’s fun and funny. Instead, I wish the absolute worst of such stuff, an incurable virus or whatever, on every computer you ever attempt to use.

How about you–has your computer ever gotten ill with a virus or worse?

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