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OCC RWA Proudly Presents Our March Online Class

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March 10 – April 6, 2014
with Beth Daniels

About the Class:
They show up on the bookseller’s lists, at the book section at the grocery store, the pharmacy, the BOOK store, and are featured in cases at the library and on end caps at various and sundry places. They even blanket the bestseller lists at those special times of year.
What are they? Well, the holiday themed novels, novellas, and short story collections, of course!
Holiday stories not only send regular readers staggering to the check out stand with armloads of titles, they snag the not so regular readers, the folks stuck looking for a Secret Santa gift, or a stocking stuffer or a “thinking of you at the holidays” token for the babysitter, the hairdresser, the…well, fill in your own blank!
December isn’t the only month that has a holiday though! There are holidays every month of some sort, and they are worth gold when it comes to themes for stories.
During the four weeks of this workshop will deal with: all those THINGS that relate to the special event at the heart of your story.
Because it is the most “profitable” of the holiday season, we’ll spend two weeks on the Winter solstice timed tales then move on through the calendar year seeing what other holidays could supply a tasty tale or two.
We’ll also talk about what might be the best time of year for a holiday themed manuscript to land on an editor’s desk.
No ideas needed beforehand as we’ll dream them up during the workshop – perhaps even more than one!
About the Instructor:
When wearing her Beth Henderson hat, Beth Daniels has had a number of storylines that worked in the holiday extravaganzas of December: RING IN THE NEW (originally published as NEW YEAR’S EVE) and SEDUCING SANTA both reveled in the season while MR ANGEL finished off under a gaily decorated tree. While she hasn’t considered Halloween personally, she is laying claim to guys in bunny suits for a Spring story, so hands off Pete Rabbit!
Enrollment & Payment Information
For more information on how to enroll and play please click here

If you are interested in more online classes, the 2014 class schedule is here.
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