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How TV Changed Hollywood

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How TV Changed Hollywood | Will Zielenger and Janet Lynn | A Slice of Orange


Researching our stories which are set in the mid 1950s led us to discover the huge changes that came to Hollywood. Television was stealing customers from theaters and color TV was coming into the mainstream.  So what did the big studios do?

The movie screens got wider, the color got more vivid, and they even tried 3-D!  Drive-in theaters were going strong, but the fact you could stay home and watch a variety of different programs for FREE made competition for customers fierce.

Many actors who had staked their careers in the big screen movies were, at first leery of the little box with the small screen.  Some thought it was only for game shows and low brow comedy. It didn’t take long to see that was where steady work and the money was.

What about books? Books were doing great, and many stories were adapted to both movies and television.   Take Perry Mason for instance. Erle Stanley Gardner was a well known mystery writer, but when his stories came to television, he became rich!




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Published authors Will Zeilinger and Janet Lynn had been writing individually until they got together and wrote the Skylar Drake Mystery Series. These hard-boiled tales are based in old Hollywood of 1955. Janet has published seven mystery novels and Will has three plus a couple of short stories. Their world travels have sparked several ideas for murder and crime stories. This creative couple is married and live in Southern California.




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