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Manuscript… completed.

Filed in pending like a treasure in a hope chest.

Praying I don’t end up an old maid: no agent, no publisher.

Living on standby.

Waiting for transport to book deal heaven or please…no, not the dreaded Depths of Sheol: REJECTION.

Watching the news for what’s flooding, raging or burning.

A wind-up toy falling off the edge.

A balloon losing air; out of control, and all over the place.

Waiting for Spring.

Write from the Heart | Veronica Jorge | A Slice of OrangeHoping for agents, not pennies, from heaven.

Want to be a Weather Girl singing, “Hallelujah, it’s Raining Agents!”

Raining men: second choice.


See you next time on February 22nd.

Veronica Jorge

Manager, Educator, and former High School Social Studies teacher, Veronica credits her love of history to the potpourri of cultures that make up her own life and to her upbringing in diverse Brooklyn, New York.  Her genres of choice are Historical Fiction where she always makes new discoveries and Children’s Picture Books because there are so many wonderful worlds yet to be imagined and visited. She currently resides in Macungie, PA.



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