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Instagram and Me: 5 tips to a happy post by Jina Bacarr

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To Instagram or not to Instagram . . . that is the question these days.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it can be fun. I post photos, but I love making Instagram videos with graphics I have . . . or when I’m someplace that’s fun to record. 

My IG tips:

1 — practice taking pictures, find an interesting angle, make the shot tight rather than too far away so you can capture a “moment.”

2 — type at least one or two hashtags before you Share.

Then once you’ve shared, you can go back and “Comment” with additional hashtags on your PC. It’s easier to type a bunch on your keyboard. Hashtags are super important. Check out other Instagrammers who post similar topics and see what tags they use.

3 — Share across all platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or whichever you have for maximum exposure.

4 — Post photos from your PC — yes, it can be done. I use Chrome. I go to my Instagram account, then to the upper right corner three dots … and click on More Tools; next click on Developer Tools. You’ll see coding on the left side of the screen. Refresh the page and you’ll see the PLUS sign + at the bottom of the screen. Left click on that and you can upload a photo from your computer.

5 — if you love to shoot videos like I do, when you start to Record, count at least 2-3 seconds before you start speaking or you might lose the beginning of what you say. Try to keep background noise down. You have a maximum of 60 seconds to record. I try to find a “core” message in what I want to say before I record and I have a sign-off I’ve used for years.

So, that’s it! Time for some Instagram goodies, so here are some examples of what I’ve posted.

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Questions? Please ask!


PS — I’m hoping Santa will give me a tip re: holding my phone. I’m looking into mini-tripods. Here’s an Update: Meet Kandie the Elf!

Here’s a graphic I made for Pastry Day:

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Paris and #pastryday

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I was at my favorite market at the bakery counter — I love this princess cake!

I couldn’t resist these Cinderella shoes when I was at the Spectrum. (I’m waiting to hear back on the m/s I talk about in the video).

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