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The Day Bailey Devlin Picked Up a Penny: A Review by Veronica Jorge

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The Day Bailey Devlin Picked Up a Penny

The Day Bailey Devlin Picked Up A Penny

Book 2 of the Bailey Devlin Series

by Rebecca Forster

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2015

ISBN# 978-1517072728

Previously . . .

When we first met Bailey Devlin in, The Day Bailey Devlin’s Horoscope Came True, (see my review posted on Dec. 22, 2018), Bailey was struggling with the unexpected arrival of her grandfather, studying to pass the bar exam, and conflicted about her feelings for two guys.

In The Day Bailey Devlin Picked Up A Penny, book 2 of the Bailey Devlin Series, our heroine is on a weekend getaway with Jeffery to “meet the parents.” Driving through the pouring rain, Bailey spots a woman stranded on the roadside and urges Jeffery to turn the car around and go back to help her. Bailey braves the downpour to help the woman into the car. The three of them arrive at the mansion with Bailey drenched and looking like something the cat dragged in . . . and then threw away. Not the great first impression she was hoping to make on Jeffery’s family.

The stranger turns out to be Jeffery’s childhood friend, now drop-dead-gorgeous . . . Penny. And this is one penny Bailey can’t toss away! In Bailey’s mind, Penny is a rival who threatens her potential future with her true love. And to make matters worse, Penny has a secret that no one but Bailey seems concerned about.

Since our Bailey rarely takes the easy or direct route to confront her problems, she lets her fears and suspicions lead her into trouble and grief. The only foot she’s able to put forward is the left one, usually into her mouth.

Write from the Heart | Veronica Jorge | A Slice of Orange
Veronica Jorge

Navigating a maze of confusion and misunderstanding, Bailey finds herself wallowing in self-doubt and treading the waters of low self-esteem. She questions whether luck and love are well-matched and wonders if maybe it’s like her mother said, ‘luck encompasses those things and events that can change the course of one’s life.’

To find out if the events in this book change Bailey’s life and confirm her true love, you’ll have to read, The Day Bailey Devlin Picked Up a Penny. It just might be your lucky day!

See you next time on, March 22nd.

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