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Give the Gift That Lasts Forever – A Handwritten Note

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give a gift that lasts forever - a handwritten note by Denise M. Colby

The Gift of A Handwritten Note



Any personal communication from loved ones can be a blessing, but I consider a handwritten note a gift that keeps on giving long after it was written.

Every person’s handwriting is unique.


And even though a lot of us don’t like our handwriting, have you ever thought what our handwriting means to our loved ones?

It’s not something I ever thought about till I lost my dad over twenty years ago. Whenever I come across something he wrote down, I stop and pause. I remember him. And remembering him touches my heart. So in some ways having something in my dad’s handwriting makes me feel a connection to him, even after all these years.

handwrite in a journal, character journal, Olivia's journal Denise M. Colby

My character in my story keeps a journal, so I created one and wrote in it as if I’m her. I even changed the handwriting to fit her personality.

Do you handwrite in a journal?


Write letters to people?


Write a personal message in the cards you give to people for their birthday?






Things have changed much over the years with email and texting. I feel like handwritten notes is a lost art with some people. My mother-in-law always writes a personal message in every card she sends. She also includes a trademark of sorts with an abbreviation LYMTYK in every card. My husband says she always did that even when he was a child. Love you more than you know. I’ve come to cherish her messages because her words come from her heart in her own writing.

I was recently looking for a blank journal for my next prayer journal and came across several different journal books in a drawer. One of them was a book created for me at my first baby shower nineteen years ago—“Advice to the new mom”. I skimmed through and came upon the page my mom wrote and I was blown away.

First, to see her handwriting. Personal, from her and something she physically touched.

Second to read her advice. Personal, from her and something she wanted to pass on to me.

My mom passed away this summer and so finding that was a little gift and a wonderful reminder for me to hold on to and cherish. My heart overflowed with gratitude to be holding on to this note from my mom. Kinda neat to see that I took my mom’s advice too.

advice for new moms written by my mom. The gift of a handwritten note by Denise M. Colby

Here’s the advice my mom gave me.

Do you hang onto the notes you receive?


Every once in a while I remember to write my boys a note. They may not appreciate it enough to keep it. But I believe the words sink in and by receiving a personal note from me, I’m sending them a little bit of love that I hope they will remember at times. In fact, I think I might go handwrite a note to each of them now.

I encourage you to write a note or journal something in your own handwriting.


We all need to leave a little love behind.


I’d love to know if I’m the only one who loves handwritten notes. Mention in the comments section whether you keep any handwritten notes you receive or when a handwritten note has touched you in a special way.



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