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Launch of Tell Harlequin.com – Online Reader Panel

November 24, 2008 by in category Archives tagged as , , , , ,

Here’s information from a recent press release on a program Harlequin is launching to open the door to reader’s comments and suggestions:

http://www.TellHarlequin.com/ gives readers the opportunity
to contribute to the future of romance reading.

Toronto, ON (August 18, 2008) – Harlequin Enterprises Limited, the global leader in series romance and one of the world’s leading publishers of women’s fiction, announced today the launch of Tell Harlequin (www.TellHarlequin.com)—an online advisory panel that allows readers input into the direction of future novels by voicing their opinions and sharing their book experiences directly with the publisher.

Tell Harlequin is an online advisory panel designed to enhance Harlequin’s relationship with its readers through an ongoing dialogue whose insights will help guide the evolution of the publisher’s business and allow Harlequin to publish the best in women’s fiction. Participants on the Tell Harlequin panel can make their voices heard on topics such as cover designs, new
miniseries ideas, new series concepts, new promotional ideas and more. The staff at Harlequin will then consider Tell Harlequin suggestions along with the publisher’s own plans as it develops editorial for the future. Contributors to Tell Harlequin receive free Harlequin novels and sneak peeks at upcoming books, participate in entertaining online surveys and exchange opinions and ideas with other readers.

For more information please go to http://www.TellHarlequin.com/.

Hope you enjoy the telling!


Isabel Swift

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The Great American Romance Novel

October 24, 2008 by in category Archives tagged as , , ,

I’ve agreed to help a friend (not HQE) with a project to create a list of the best American Romances of all time, and I need your expertise, if you’re willing to share it. 

1). So tell me, what would be your top ten American romances of all time be? (it can be more than ten, if you’re inspired). While I’d love to see them ranked and have you tell me why you made the choices you did, just a list of titles/authors would be great.

2). I also want to include a range of categories within the genre: i.e. Contemporaries, Historicals, Paranormal, Futuristic, Fantasy, Westerns, Civil War, Saga, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Comedy, Multi-cultural, Inspirational, etc., so welcome your favorites in a particular category you’re fond of.

What do I mean by American? Well, an American author or one living in America. What do I mean by Romance? Basically a focus on the developing romantic relationship between a man and a woman with a satisfying and positive ending.

Yes, there are some stories out there that don’t entirely fit that definition that I plan to include–I have to include GONE WITH THE WIND.  While it doesn’t have a traditional happy ending (HEA), I’ve decided that (dreadful sequels aside) we know in our hearts the book stops, but the story is far from over. S o while I’d say a firm “no” to, say, LOVE STORY, I do want to hear your, just alert me to any caveats or concerns about fit that you might have.

So would love to hear your thoughts to ensure this list is a stellar collection of truly wonderful stories.

Thank you!
Isabel Swift

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