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Happy August by Linda O. Johnston

August 6, 2019 by in category Pets, Romance & Lots of Suspense by Linda O. Johnston tagged as , ,

Happy August, everyone. 

Happy eighth month of the year.  Happy continuation toward the last part of the year… because, yes, this year is going fast, as always.

Romance Writers of America’s Annual Conference

Last week I attended the Romance Writers of America’s Annual Conference.  It was in New York City, as it is every third year or so.  They vary the location across the country otherwise.  Next year, it will be handier for me to attend, since it will be in San Francisco.  In 2121, it’s scheduled to be in Nashville.  New York was fun, though, despite the crowds everywhere and a totally inefficient elevator system in the busy hotel.  But lots of Harlequin editors and writers were present, and that’s what I’m mostly up to right now.


Plus, I managed to skip out of the conference for part of a day to go to the AKC Dog Museum—and if you know me at all, you know I love dogs!

That was the last conference I’m attending this year, even though there’s at least one major mystery conference still pending.  But I went to four conferences already in 2019.  Conferences are enjoyable for connecting with people, seeing long-time friends and associates, and more.  But four is enough for one year.


So now what?  Deadlines!  I still have some to go, and because of my traveling this year, including to the conference, I’m a bit behind.  But I’m working on them.

And you?  Do you have writing deadlines, other work deadlines, any other deadlines you’re struggling with this year?  If so, you’d better get busy.

It’s August!

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