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Make Goodreads Work For You

August 27, 2023 by in category Ages 2 Perfection Online Class, Online Classes tagged as , , ,

Make Goodreads Work For You

Presented by: Diane K. Peterson
Date: September 1 – 30, 2023 (one month)
Registration Closes: September 16, 2023
Pricing:  A2P Member fee: $20
Non-A2P Member fee: $30

About the Workshop:

Goodreads says it is “the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations.” With many millions of members worldwide it just makes sense for authors to go where the readers are. It is well worth the time and effort to create an effective and accurate presence on Goodreads. This class will show you how to take control of your Goodreads presence and use the power of Goodreads to build your readership. Are you a Goodreads Author? Does your profile capture the key elements of you? Have you connected your blog? Does the information in your book records make it easier to find them? Is the information accurate? How does Goodreads interact with Amazon? Should you advertise on Goodreads? We will answer these questions and more while we explore the many ways for authors to make Goodreads a strong part of their marketing plan.

About the Presenter:

Diane K. Peterson is a retired school library media specialist that promotes the romance novel industry as an researcher, speaker, and reviewer. Most recently she has been contributing information to the RomanceWiki to help build the history of the genre as well as reviewing romance novels for Novels Alive. Diane leads classes and workshops for authors and older adults (Osher program). A compulsive “fixer,” she uses her status as a Goodreads librarian to correct and improve book records and assist authors. Website: www.dianekpeterson.com

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