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And they lived…ever after

January 10, 2024 by in category Writing tagged as , ,


My fourteen-year-old grandson, Isaac, writes movie scripts. He’s been reading voraciously since he learned to read, and I think it was a natural progression for him to write. I’m thrilled that we have these things in common, and even more, that he shares his work with me. I recently asked him what genre his latest story fit into, expecting him to say superhero or fantasy because those are the genres of movies and books that he most often enjoys.

But, he responded, “Dark comedy romcom.”

Hmmm, first of all I was surprised that he would write a romcom. But the preceding ‘dark comedy’ made me take a step back and think. Is there such a thing as a dark comedy romcom? What would that look like? I think of a romcom is a light, funny, feel good romance with a Happily Ever After. Of course, the heroine and hero have to overcome a lot of challenges to get to that Happily Ever After, but even the challenges are generally light in nature.

I write romcom. I’ve rewritten sections and subplots in my stories on more than one occasion when I saw that they were taking a darker or more serious turn.

But does that mean you can’t write a dark comedy/romcom?

So, we talked about genre, and the elements of certain genres. Where does his story fit? Honestly, I don’t think his script is a true romance, the story arc isn’t so much about the couple, and it doesn’t have a happily ever after, or even a happily for now. I’d probably categorize it action/adventure. I’m not surprised, he’s a fourteen-year-old boy, the only romcoms he’s read are the ones his grandmother writes, and yes, I feel more than honored that he’s read my books.

So back to dark comedy romcom. Does it exist? I’m currently seeking out books and movies that might fit into such a category. And while there are ‘rules’ for genres, there are always exceptions and crossovers.

When I first started writing fiction, I never considered the genre of my story. I just wrote. Publishing wasn’t my goal, I wrote for my own entertainment. Isaac plans to write movies. He attends an arts high school that with a film program, and he reads books on the subject. He watches movies and reads as a critic, rather than for entertainment. Which can make watching a movie with him an interesting experience, lol. But I’m impressed with his seriousness, and I think he’s got natural talent.

So, I guess my question is, have you watched a movie or read a book that you’d consider a dark comedy romcom? (If yes, please share titles!) Or, do you think this is even a genre? How do you feel when a book or movie is labeled as one genre, but after reading or watching, you don’t believe it was right? Do you feel misled? Cheated? Or does it matter at all?

I’m going to continue searching for dark comedy romcoms, while writing my light romcoms and darker women’s fiction. And I’ll let you all know when Isaac’s first movie releases. I plan to be at the premier.

Tell me what you think…and next week I’ll be giving away a free short romcom with my newsletter. If you’d like to receive a copy of #DumpsterFireLove, sign up here.

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