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Today and Tomorrow

September 25, 2008 by in category Archives tagged as

by Lori Pyne

Today started with emails by the hundreds. Most demanded action, attention and accuracy.

Incessant ringing phones constantly interrupted. Any call a potential crisis. Humor defused one client. Results delighted another.

Brain clipped along faster, smoother. Adrenaline hit the bloodstream. No second could be wasted. New work piled atop unfinished projects.
Weekend’s relaxation long forgotten.

Urgency filled the air. Tension stalked the halls. Perfection expected. Mistakes abhorred. Focus on priorities. Efficiency a must.

Stomach churned. Headache squeezed. Meds taken. Next task tackled.

End of day deadlines loomed. Urgent packages dispatched. Promised answers posted.

Much completed. Desk filled yet more work to finish tomorrow.

Race home to spend precious moments reviewing homework, supervising teeth brushing, and cuddling for a bedtime story or three.

After dinner with hubby, steal time from bill paying, house projects, and volunteer obligations to try to pry story from brain.

Once again, midnight has long past. Time for bed with the knowledge that tomorrow will be much the same.

How was your day? What do you think tomorrow will bring?

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