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Happy New Year!

January 6, 2016 by in category Pets, Romance & Lots of Suspense by Linda O. Johnston tagged as , , , ,
Well, I’m sorry to say that I’ll probably miss the first OCC meeting of the year this weekend, but I’m not sorry for the reason: the post-holiday arrival of more family, including my grandsons!
Last month I mentioned here that I was writing a Harlequin Romantic Suspense novel, COVERT ALLIANCE, which will be published in August 2016, a sequel to my Identity Division book COVERT ATTRACTION.  I sent it off to the editor early this week.  I also mentioned that I was about to republish one of my backlist books, a time travel romance called THE BALLAD OF JACK O’DAIR, on Kindle.  It was available then and now for preorder and will be available on January 25.  And right now, I’ve started working on my third Barkery & Biscuits Mystery, but with family around suspect I won’t have a lot of time to write for at least a couple of weeks. 
It’s all a great start to 2016, and I’m looking forward to more fun–as well as keeping busy.  And hopefully getting to lots of future chapter meetings. 
And let me take this opportunity to wish the same to you.  Happy New Year, and I hope you keep as busy as you want with whatever you want to keep you busy!

Linda O. Johnston

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