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The Lyrical Language Lab by Kidd Wadsworth

June 25, 2024 by in category Infused with Meaning by Kidd Wadsworth tagged as , ,

I love poetry. I relish language that paints a picture in my head, leaves a song in my heart and gently touches my soul. But how do I incorporate poetic methods into my writing? And more importantly, how do I train my ear?

My solution was to subscribe to the Lyrical Language Lab channel on YouTube where Renee M. Latulippe reviews meter, rhyme and the musicality of our language.

For example in the following video Renee discusses Lyrical Prose and Poetic Techniques in Fiction Picture Books:

I found her review of the picture book Crown amazing.

This week Renee announced a prose poetry contest.

Entrants are required to:

  • write a prose poem (no meter please)
  • max length: 100 words (not including the title)
  • topic: summer snapshot

The poem must be easily understood by elementary, middle grade, or young adult readers. Entry fee: $10. First prize: $300. Entries are due July 21, 2024.

I invite you to explore Renee’s channel and, if you, like me, are inspired to dip your toe into the refreshing world of poetry, dare to enter the contest.

Kidd Wadsworth

Kidd’s stories are in the following anthologies:

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