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Wordwide Book Launch Party for James Rollins’

June 17, 2011 by in category Archives tagged as , , , , , , , ,

by Jenny Hansen

Between now and next Tuesday, the Man of The Week over on my blog is James Rollins. Yesterday, we talked about the Worldwide Book Release Party for James’ new book, The Devil Colony.

Then, last night, my critique partners and I had a little pre-party getting ready for the launch over at Writers In The Storm later today.

In order to really play hard on The Devil’s Playground over at More Cowbell, you need ALL the details!

  • The theme for this party is Devil: devil-mania, Devil Dogs, Devil-ish. You name it, if it’s got Devil in it (in a good way) we want to know about it.
  • How do I tell people about my devilish delights, you might ask….Come party on Twitter at #DevilColony. Go set up your TweetDeck column right now! It’s fine, I’ll hold on. *whistling*
  • OK, now that you’re set up to follow the #DevilColony stream, it’s time to plan the party snacks for Tuesday’s launch.
    We’re gonna be at it for 24 hours, so you’ll want to lay in some supplies. Deviled eggs, Devil Dogs, deviled ham… On second thought, deviled ham is a little gross. Just have enough of your favorite munchies on hand to stay close to your computer…you never know who might pop in.
  • Oh, you have to work?What, you could play hooky for the #RoyalWedding and not for James’ #DevilColony Launch? Where’s the LOVE???
  • What are we gonna do at #DevilColony?
    Have a blast, of course! Socialize, hang out with James, our favorite tweeps and all the literary luminaries who happen to stop in. You know, the best-selling authors, agents, editors who want to visit with James (and gush about the book). Forget your other Tuesday plans — #DevilColony on Twitter is the social event to be seen at!
  • What else is happening on #DevilColony besides “hanging out?”Prizes! Not only are you there to meet, greet and Follow, you are encouraged to upload pictures of your party in progress. People will randomly be chosen for prizes, but the MOST CREATIVE pictures will make their way to a Wall of Fame over on James’ site, and can also win the big Mystery Prize.

Where else is the party breaking out today??

And of course, it’s all James, all the time over at my site, More Cowbell. 🙂

I’m thinking a picture of my Little Devil will be in order…something with her Elmo chair, since it’s red…. Hmmm, I DEFINITELY want to be on that wall!

What about you? Are you a James Rollins’ fan? Do you plan to come play with the rest of us on #DevilColony?

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