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by Lori Pyne

He entered the last grades with a sigh. Few, other than the excepted, achieved high marks. Each topic on the test had been discussed, reviewed and studied at least five different times, five different ways. Participation from each student had increased. He had been certain that this test would display the beginning of marked improvement.

The results refuted that supposition.

As he rose from his seat, he dropped his partially eaten lunch in the trash. He would discuss the outcome with his master teacher after the meeting. With the semester half way finished, he did not have much time to get through to these kids.

He locked the door as he left the classroom. Turning his thoughts to the upcoming meeting, he wondered how it would feel to sit on the other side of the table. Although he had attended numerous individual education plan meetings as a parent for his son, this would be his first time attending as a teacher.

A group gathered in the hall outside of the conference room. As he walked into the room, one of the women said an IEP is a legal document and not something to just ignore. A viewpoint he shared strongly, having seen the strides his son had maded with the help of the modifications.

He sat at the table and nodded to his master teacher seated next to him. As he turned to tell his master teacher about the disappointing test results, the group from the hall streamed into the room. The dark haired woman, who has commented on the legal status of an IEP, remained standing before the table.

“Is the student teacher here?” she demanded.

He raised his hand. He and his master teacher exchanged a glance. His master teacher raised and eyebrow and shook his head.

“Before we start, I have to tell you something.” He felt his stomach tighten. The image of her son flashed in his mind. “I don’t know what you’re doing.” The principal stood and began to speak. The woman held up her hand. “My son’s constantly quoting you and is actually doing homework for your class. He hasn’t taken an interest in school since preschool. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.”

He felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

“Thank you,” he said through the lump in his throat.

“No, thank you.” She sat in the chair beside the principal. “Let’s hope that some of his newly found excitement spills over to his other classes.”

One. At least he now knew he had reached one. He had until the end of the school year to reach the rest.

Lori Pyne is a member of OCC, and a multi-tasking volunteer. She is currently serving as one of our Online Class Moderators, Guest Reception Coordinator and Coordinator for the Book Buyers’ Best Contest for published authors. She is married with one son, and works full time for an entertainment law firm.

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