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by Linda O. Johnston

There’s nothing like a trip to New York to get a writer’s creative juices going! I was fortunate enough to be in the Big Apple a couple of weeks ago and to have meetings with my editors. I hadn’t met my current Berkley editor in person before, so I really enjoyed the opportunity. She’s every bit as nice as I’d thought she was from our e-mails and phone calls. We had a great time discussing my Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter mystery series and what Kendra is up to these days, and more. Kendra’s seventh adventure, NEVER SAY STY, will be out in April 2009, which pleased both of us. We’ve even seen the cover!

I also met with my Harlequin editor and the senior editor for the Nocturne line. That was definitely enjoyable, too. My first Nocturne, ALPHA WOLF, and related Nocturne Bites (e-novella), CLAWS OF THE LYNX, are both January releases, so the timing was wonderful. Plus we agreed on the title for my next Nocturne, BACK TO LIFE, which will be a June release. I’m inspired to do even more Nocturnes!

Of course I look forward to staying in touch with them all, and to seeing them at upcoming conferences as well. But there’s nothing like meeting them individually in a less stressful environment to enjoy their company even more. I came home with all sorts of additional writing ideas and the inspiration to leap right into them!

Linda O. Johnston is the author of 14 romance novels as well as the Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter mystery series from Berkley Prime Crime–and has 2 Silhouette Nocturnes and a Nocturne Bites upcoming!

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