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A Fantasy Life by Janet Quinn Cornelow

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I have been writing in the limited time I have with the classes I have been teaching. I put the fantasy story aside for the moment and dug out a historical time-travel that I started several years ago. I have to polish the beginning, but I have it all plotted out, so hopefully it will go along smoothly, or at least as smoothly as any book goes. This story includes a father and his son going back in time and ending up on a horse ranch where the heroine is in need of help since her father died. She is training horses for the Calvary and of course there are those who do not want her to succeed.

I put my fantasy short stories up at Kindle. They used to be Whiskey Shots, but now they are all together in one volume. The fun part about putting them up at Kindle was that I could include the illustrations I had done for them. They can be found at: http://www.amazon.com/Chronicles-of-Augeas-ebook/dp/B005MVAQ7O/ref=pd_rhf_p_t_1

They are called Chronicles of Augeas and are set in the city-state of Augeas. The city is a combination of those with magic and those without. Those without want to steal the magic or destroy it. They are also destroying the city and there are those who wish to stop them. There are six stories in all.

The newest member of our household, Count Rugen, is growing by leaps and bounds. For six months he is huge and can get on top of everything. I have had to redecorate most of the surfaces. All of the breakables are now in the only bookcase he can’t reach. He now has a kitty condo which is a major redecoration of its own. It takes up a large amount of space. When he first got it two weeks ago, he could reach the ceiling beams if he stood on his hind legs. Now he can reach them sitting on his bottom.

I wish everyone a good month of writing.

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