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Missing OCC

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I won’t be at OCC’s Birthday Bash this month, and will definitely miss it. I wasn’t at last month’s meeting, either, because of some travel plans. Both conflicts were family related, and that takes precedence over everything. But I miss OCC! I should be there for November’s meeting, at least. Can’t wait to see everyone again!

I’m teaching an online class this month, starting on October 22. It’s for Savvy Authors, a really fun online website for writers, and it’s on Blending Romance and Suspense: Putting Suspense Into Your Romance Novel and Romance Into Your Mystery.

The last class I taught was for OCC, on how to write a cozy mystery. I intend to reprise that one for Savvy Authors next spring.

Meantime, I intend to make the Blending Romance and Suspense class just as much fun. Since I write both romances with suspense or mystery in them, and mysteries that also contain romantic interests, I feel qualified to teach this–and in fact I did present a similar online class a while ago for another website.

So… all of you attending OCC’s Birthday Bash, please think of me. Raise your glass or teacup in a toast that includes me. I’ll be thinking of you!

Oh, and you’re all more than welcome to join my online Savvy Authors class….

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