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Villains, Victors & Vixens: OCC/RWA’s Birthday Bash

September 21, 2017 by in category Apples & Oranges by Marianne H. Donley, Events, Writing Conferences tagged as , , ,

Villians, Victors & Vixens: OCC/RWA's Birthday Bash | A Slice of OrangeYou’re Invited to Join OCC/RWA in celebrating our Birthday Bash!

We’re having the Birthday, but we want to give everyone the presents.

 Villains, Victors & Vixens

Come for the day and/or join us Friday night for the Write In and Saturday Night for the Pajama Parties

October 21, 2017
Embassy Suites – Brea
900 East Birch Street
Brea, California, 92821

Cost is $50 for OCCRWA Members

$60 for All other Guests

$30 for Past Presidents

Signup HERE.

Keynote Speaker: Damon Suede

Bestselling Author, Renowned Speaker, and member of the RWA National Board of Directors

Reader’s Block:

Damon’s talk focuses on the modern romance industry, the radical shifts in readership and fandom and how they’re altering what success looks like for professional authors. Genre fictioneers often grouse about writer’s block but more and more what we encounter is something more akin to reader’s block: an unwillingness to step beyond our ruts or move past the shadow of our steeples.

Romance is the literature of hope, simultaneously the most traditional and most provocative of genres. Our industry is evolving, but not necessarily in the obvious ways. Tribalism and division cost us marketshare and media access. In a world expanding and connecting at an exponential rate, where do books land? Who are the readers of tomorrow? What is the future of love stories and genre fiction careers? Join us for a free-range discussion of the art of heart and the business of happy endings.

Bestselling author Panel : Debra Holland, Maggie Marr, Brenna Aubrey, Damon Suede

What Made the Difference!

Lunch will be served

Auction! Auction! Auction!

Incredible auction prizes from Scrivenver, RWA, Embassy Suites, Amazon, Major Publishers and authors

Come in Costume!

There will be Prizes. Dress as your favorite book character.

Book Cover Contest!

Enter your favorite covers for prizes. And help judge the winners.

(you can enter on the OCC website)

Awards for the Orange Rose and Book Buyer’s Best Contests

Friday night Write-In

At least one hour with Damon Suede

Saturday Night Pajama Parties — Damon Suede, Louella Nelson, Maggie Marr and more.

Cost is $50 for OCCRWA Members

$60 for All other Guests

$30 for Past Presidents

Signup HERE.

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Missing OCC

October 6, 2012 by in category Pets, Romance & Lots of Suspense by Linda O. Johnston tagged as , ,

I won’t be at OCC’s Birthday Bash this month, and will definitely miss it. I wasn’t at last month’s meeting, either, because of some travel plans. Both conflicts were family related, and that takes precedence over everything. But I miss OCC! I should be there for November’s meeting, at least. Can’t wait to see everyone again!

I’m teaching an online class this month, starting on October 22. It’s for Savvy Authors, a really fun online website for writers, and it’s on Blending Romance and Suspense: Putting Suspense Into Your Romance Novel and Romance Into Your Mystery.

The last class I taught was for OCC, on how to write a cozy mystery. I intend to reprise that one for Savvy Authors next spring.

Meantime, I intend to make the Blending Romance and Suspense class just as much fun. Since I write both romances with suspense or mystery in them, and mysteries that also contain romantic interests, I feel qualified to teach this–and in fact I did present a similar online class a while ago for another website.

So… all of you attending OCC’s Birthday Bash, please think of me. Raise your glass or teacup in a toast that includes me. I’ll be thinking of you!

Oh, and you’re all more than welcome to join my online Savvy Authors class….

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