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OCC RWA March Online Class

February 26, 2013 by in category Archives

OCCRWA Proudly Presents: 


March 11 – April 7, 2013

Stretching, Mixing and Transforming Sentence Recipes 
to Create a Memorable Story

About the Class:

Every novel is a collection of related sentences that tells a story. What you say is important, of course, but how you say it may be the difference between forgettable and truly memorable.

How do you write memorable sentences with the same rules of syntax that other English writers must obey? First, you learn the basics, the ten sentence patterns that English speakers and writers follow to put words together in a way that will make sense to others. Over the course of seven lessons, MM Pollard will give you opportunities to play with the basic patterns so that you feel comfortable in using them. In other words, you’ll have homework.

Second, you stretch, mix, and transform the rules of word order to make your sentences different from others, memorable – in a good way. If poets can do it, why can’t prose writers? MM will show you in the last five lessons how to change the word order of the sentence patterns to create interesting, memorable sentences, and ultimately, a memorable story.

**Your reward for doing your homework on time: MM will edit 1,000 words of your writing.**

About the Instructor:

As an English teacher for fifteen years, and currently, as acquisitions editor for Black Velvet Seductions, MM has accepted the mission to teach others to find and correct ungrammatical grammar, misused usage, problematic punctuation, and poor writing.

Through her fun workshops – yes, English can be fun – MM has helped many writers improve their language and writing skills. She has presented workshops and online classes for many writer’s groups. She is sure she can help you, too, master the fundamentals of English composition.

Enrollment Information

This is a 4-week online course that uses email and Yahoo Groups.  The class is open to anyone wishing to participate.  The cost is $30.00 per person or, if you are a member of OCCRWA, $20.00 per person.

Please follow this link to join the class!

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