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November Featured Author: Sally Paradysz #amreading on @A_SliceofOrange

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November Featured Author | Sally Paradysz | A Slice of Orange

November Featured Author: Sally Paradysz

This month’s Featured Author is a bittersweet event for me.  Sweet, because I am so pleased to share Sally Paradysz with the world. But bitter, because Sal died, unexpectedly, two weeks ago while on vacation in her beloved Maine.

Sal was a regular contributor in this new incarnation of A Slice of Orange. She was, in fact, one of the first authors I ask to write for us. She blogged about writing and life and nature on the thirteenth of every month.  Sal was wise, friendly, and so kind that I can’t recall hearing her say an unkind word about anyone.  I will miss her.  I know it’s a cliché, but the word is a dimmer place without Sal.  I offer my profound condolences to her partner Mel and her children and grandchildren.  Sal’s family asked that instead of flowers or donations that people do a random act of kindess for someone in need. 

If you haven’t read Sal’s book or one of her short stories, I hope you take the time to do so. Each one offers a gentle lesson on life.


Sally Paradysz

Sally Paradysz wrote from a book-lined cabin in the woods beside the home she built from scratch. She was an ordained minister of the Assembly of the Word, founded in 1975. For two decades, she provided spiritual counseling and ministerial assistance. Sal completed undergraduate and graduate courses in business and journalism. She took courses at NOVA, and served as a hotline, hospital, and police interview volunteer in Bucks County, PA. She was definitely owned by her two Maine Coon cats, Kiva and Kodi.

Sal is missed by all who knew her.


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