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Mayhem & Murder in May

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Mayhem & Murder | Marianne H. Donley | A Slice of Orange



Do you read crime novels? 


The Crime Writers Association has declared May to be National Crime Reading Month.  They and The Crime Reading Association have a month-long list of books to read, events to attend, activities in which to participate and other goodies.  Here is the website.  The catch—looks like everything takes place in the UK.

But don’t despair if you happen not to live in the UK, here at  A Slice of Orange we have plenty of crime for you to read.

First up are the Thrillers 


Rebecca Foster, Maureen Klovers, and Jonathan Maberry


Secret Relations | Rececca Forster | A Slice of Orange Hagar's Last Dance | Maureen Klovers | A Slice of OrangeGlimpse | Jonathan Maberry | A Slice of Orange










Next Mysteries


Janet Lynn & Will Zeilinger, Mary Castillo and Carol L. Wright 


Slick Deal | Janet Elizabeth Lynn and Will Zeilinger | A Slice of OrangeLost in the Light | Mary Castillo | A Slice of OrangeJudging a Book by Its Cover | Carol L. Wright | A Slice of Orange









Cozy Mysteries


Linda O. Johnston, Meriam Wilhelm and Maureen Klovers


Pick and Chews | Linda O. Johnston | A Slice of OrangeMurder by Magic | Meriam Wilhelm | A Slice of OrangeThe Secret Garden | Maureen Klovers | A Slice of Orange









And if you like a little romance with your crime we have:

Romantic Suspense


Linda O. Johnston, Kat Martin, and Monica McCabe 


Second Chance Soldier | Linda O. Johnston | A Slice of OrangeBeyond Danger | Kat Martin | A Slice of OrangePhantom Pearl | Monica McCabe









We hope you enjoy your Mayhem & Murder in May. What crime novels are you planning to read?

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