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Valentine’s Day is for my Instagram short story “Virgin Kiss” by Jina Bacarr

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Valentine’s Day is Thursday — a time for romance, chocolate and . . . kissing.

But what if your first kiss was just plain awful?

Meet Riley Murphy. She’s a kissing virgin, waiting for the right guy to come along. Until she joins the Drama Club at Holywell High and has to kiss the class dweeb on stage in front of the whole school on Valentine’s Day.

Virgin Kiss is a short story I wrote that I’m serializing in 1-minute segments.

I’m inserting my video intro here and Parts 1-5 of my story (which will be completed on Valentine’s Day). Check back for the entire story as I update this post every day including V-Day!

Virgin Kiss Instagram 1-minute posts (text on audio is included in IG comments). I hope you enjoy my time travel trip back to high school!

Just added Part 6:

Part 7 of Virgin Kiss (you can read the text from the audio on Instagram in the comments section)

Part 8 of Virgin Kiss

Part 9 Virgin Kiss

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