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Holiday Books by Debra H. Goldstein

December 13, 2022 by in category From a Cabin in the Woods by Members of Bethlehem Writers Group

A prolific number of writers comprise the Bethlehem Writers Group. The upcoming holidays make this the perfect time to become acquainted with a new author or to simply grab copies of your favorite author’s books for stocking stuffers.

Short Stories:

AN ELEMENT OF MYSTERY: SWEET, FUNNY, AND STRANGE TALES OF INTRIQUE (2022)—From classic whodunits to tales of the unexplained, each of the twenty-three stories in this brand-new collection from BWG writers will leave you guessing and wanting to read just one more story.

CHRISTMAS ON NANTUCKET AND OTHER STORIES (2019)—Multiple award-winning author Carol L. Wright is known for capturing the nuances of family dynamics with vivid, relatable characters. This collection brings you her heartfelt stories with a mix of joy and sadness, love and loss, celebrations of all seasons, and a bit of mystery and magic. As it takes you through the year with compassion and humor, it is sure to touch your heart…and perhaps inspire you.

OFF THE RAILS A COLLECTION OF WEIRD, WICKED, AND WACKY STORIES (2019)—In this eclectic collection, Jerome W. McFadden takes a warped view of life in twenty-six fast-paced tales that explore the satirical edges of crime, paranoia, human foibles, and the afterlife. Some of the stories are weird, some wicked, some wacky, but all contain the unexpected twists born of McFadden’s unique sense of humor and dark imagination.

Cozy Mystery:

FIVE BELLS TOO MANY (2022)—As readers of One Taste Too Many found, for culinary challenged Sarah Blair, there is only one thing scarier than murder—and that’s the kitchen. In this fifth addition to the series, Sarah’s mother, Maybelle, who requires higher maintenance than Sarah’s Siamese cat, is a finalist in a competition for the perfect Southern wedding, and Sarah is forced into being her mother’s chaperone. After the show’s producer is found dead, with Sarah’s greatest nemesis kneeling by his body, Sarah must find the true killer before another contestant or crew member is permanently eliminated.

Children’s Books:

TANYA AND THE BABY ELEPHANT (2021) – Wouldn’t it be great to have a baby elephant as a pet? But baby elephants don’t stay babies forever and may miss their mothers. A charming book by Peter J Barbour.

Science Fiction and Fantasy:

THE DEATH OF MAGIC (2022)—For thousands of years, merciless dragons ruled the land, magical people their only food. But as magic itself began to die, the birthrate of magical people dwindled. Facing starvation, the heinous beasts ate the only magical beings they could find—each other. Now Saoirse, the last magical person, is hunted by the last surviving dragon. Kidd Wadsworth’s novel is being serialized one chapter a week for free on Scribble Hub.

MY FRIEND JACKSON (2020) by Christopher D. Ochs. Jasmine Price’s days are filled with emotional, physical, and cyber abuse at the hands of her new school’s queen bees. Rivalries, jealousies, and hatred escalate toward Jasmine, until a monstrous force intervenes with deadly consequences.

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