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Creating a Living Setting

December 18, 2022 by in category Ages 2 Perfection Online Class, Apples & Oranges by Marianne H. Donley, Online Classes

Creating a Living Setting

Presented by: Jeannie Moon

Date: January 21, 2023, Saturday, 9AM PT

Registration Closes: January 22, 2023

Pricing: A2P Member fee: $5

Non-A2P Member fee: $10

About the Workshop:

Settings are more than time or place to plop down your book’s characters. A setting can be a living, breathing entity, whether it’s a small town, big city or a brand new world. Settings limit or expand possibilities for your characters, are a catalyst for change, act as a pain trigger or provide comfort. The possibilities are endless.

About the Presenter:

Bestselling, award-winning author Jeannie Moon will take you through the intricacies of creating a setting that will transport your readers to a world of your creation and make them want to return again and again. This is a deep dive into the craft of using time and place to enhance the story’s depth and give readers a true sense of what your characters are experiencing.

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