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Catching up

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You may have noticed…or not, that I’ve been somewhat absent this year. It’s been a year of dramatic change, which isn’t over yet, and we’re now ten months into our year of Milo. Milo being our two-year-old grandson, that we unexpectedly stayed in California to spend time with. You should know that every time I say his name, or write it, I smile. Yes, I’m smiling now.

I thought I’d get at least some writing done this year, you know, in the early morning hours, or maybe late at night, like I did when our three boys were young, but it hasn’t worked like. Well, I did write one short story #DumpsterFireLove, while recovering from my tummy tuck (yes, I did this) in October, and Love & Mud Puddles, a Christmas romcom, was released in November, but beyond that, while my intentions were good, these months have truly been all about Milo (smiling). And nothing could have made me happier.

So what if it’s raining, it’s time to go to the park!

And nothing could have been better for me!

Writer’s can’t just sit behind their desk conjuring words out of thin air, we have to experience life in order to write about it. Spending time with a toddler again, seeing his sense of wonder at every new thing…which is nearly everything, because, well, he’s two, has brought back my own sense of wonder. His joy when he sees purple flowers, a big yellow school bus, or a pinecone has reminded me to see the things that are right in front of me, and his little arms around my neck, nose kisses, and sweet pats on the back have softened my heart, and reminded me what the world should be. What I want it to be for him.

I’ve had new experiences apart from Milo (smiling). Preparing for a move to what feels like a whole new world, the Arizona desert, a personal transformation that is not yet complete, and a year of living in an apartment…which I had only done for one year previously, the year I was eighteen.

Our little house on the prairie.
Our little house on the prairie

My last day taking care of Milo, at least regularly, will be May 25th. I’ll be having one more surgery, (two knee replacements and a tummy tuck over the last 3 years so far) one I’ve wanted for a long time, then after recovery, Hunky Hubby will be retiring, and we’ll be off to Arizona where I’ll be settling into a new life, writing, and living for video chats and occasional visits with Milo (teary eyed smiling).

What will I be writing? I plan on finishing…at long last…my 1920’s novel, and maybe writing a little Route 66 romcom series. In the meantime, I’m treasuring these last days with Milo, purple flowers and pinecones (we collect them).

Would love to catch up with all of you! What have I missed this year? Tell me in the comments…or message me!

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