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Unexpected Launch by @readtracyreed

October 5, 2017 by in category Pink Pad by Tracy Reed tagged as , , ,

Unexpected Launch | Tracy Reed | A Slice of OrangeUnexpected….there are a lot of things that happen in life that are “unexpected.”  My latest release, UNEXPECTED LOVE, was completely unexpected.  I’ve talked about this book in a previous post  [UNEXPECTED NOVEL, JULY 2017].

Since then, I did a cover change and set out to try a new launch plan.  First step in my new launch plan, setting up an ARGroup [HOW I SET UP MY FIRST ARGROUP, SEPTEMBER 2017].  I didn’t realize how valuable an ARGroup could be.

On October 3rd, I released my 17th title.  Let me step back and do a happy dance and a HUGE PRAISE GOD!  Okay, now on to my post.  I have been taking the Mark Dawson courses on Self-Publishing and one of the sessions described a new release launch sequence.  I figured I’d try it.  I’ve release a few books and thought I was doing a decent job, however, I didn’t realize I could have done better.

A little more than thirty days ago, I asked my mailing list for ARGroup members.  I got a few volunteers, which I am very grateful for.

According to Mark’s Launch Sequence, 30 days out, I needed to send my book to my ARGroup.  I missed that by a couple of weeks because of a few tweaks.  Once I sent the email out, I made it very clear what I wanted.  Mark said he found it a little difficult to ask for reviews.  Me too.  It almost felt like I was begging, but there’s a scripture that says, “…you have not, because you ask not…James 4:2”  This was very true.  It never really occurred to me to ask for reviews without some sort of compensation [i.e., giveaway, treat, etc.].  As I wrote the email detailing what I needed, I really did feel uneasy, but that was because it was foreign to me.

In the past when I released a book, I never did it with ANY reviews.  Nor did I release at a special price.  My previous launch plan was, a cover reveal about a week before release day.  Then an email to my mailing list, post it on all my social media, book a couple of ads, possibly a guest post and a lot of prayer.

Here’s how I made Mark’s plan work for me.

Day -30

Send manuscript to ARGroup  via Book Funnel.

Cover Reveal Email to Mailing List [see revised cover.]

Day -30 to -7

Make any changes based on comments. [There were a few things changed.  I had two characters with the same name.  One was a first name and the other was a second name.]

Day -7

Final proof read

Book launch promotion [I decided to wait until I had reviews before placing ads.  I did post to my social media. Elena Dillion helped me design some graphics I could use on my social media and eventually as Facebook Ads. See below.]

Email mailing list with an excerpt

Tease about a launch contest  [I opted to do a Goodreads Giveaway which I set up to run during the hard launch phase.  Three signed copies.  In the past, I’ve had pretty good results with the giveaways.]


Day -1

Upload to all relevant platforms [I’ve opted to go wide, so my book is on

Buy from Amazon Kindle
Buy from Barnes and Noble
Buy from Kobo
Buy from Apple Books

Send and email to list announcing new release…build a little drama with one of my graphics.

Day 1

“Soft Launch”

Email Advance Group that book is live and ask for reviews [This has been very exciting.  During my soft launch phase, my ARGroup is responding very well.  As of this posting, my team has posted 6 reviews, 5 Amazon US and 1 Amazon CA.  I have never released a book with reviews.  This was the most difficult part, because I really wanted to by a couple of ads.  But now that I have a few reviews, I’m in a better position for promotional ads.]

Ask for 99c sales – State why the sales would be helpful

Day 2 

[This is where I am as of writing this.  In one of my Amazon categories with my ARGroup’s reviews, I started the day in the 120s in one of my categories. YEAH!]

Keep track on sales and traction. or once you’ve reached your review goal.  If it’s great, switch price to regular price.

“Hard Launch” [My plan is to start my AMS Ads at this point.  I’ve been doing very well with AMS Ads.  I like the results.  AMS Ads are a little tricky.  I’m currently running three.  One is costing me money.  However, it’s getting me sales I don’t think I would have gotten otherwise.  The other two are making money.  I’m curious to see how this new ad will work.]  

Email your list the book is live

Day 7

“Mop Up” email to people who haven’t opened the first email.  Thank them for the great launch.

Day 14

“Second Mop Up” Email

If you’re moving the price  up, let them know in this email [I’m moving my price up earlier in the process.]

Close Launch contest [this signifies the end of a launch]

I’ll let you know how this worked for me.  See you next month.  Happy Fall.


Tracy Reed

A California native, novelist Tracy Reed pushes the boundaries of her Christian foundation with her sometimes racy and often fiery tales.

After years of living in the Big Apple, this self proclaimed New Yorker draws from the city’s imagination, intrigue, and inspiration to cultivate characters and plot lines who breathe life to the words on every page.

Tracy’s passion for beautiful fashion and beautiful men direct her vivid creative power towards not only novels, but short stories, poetry, and podcasts. With something for every attention span.

Tracy Reed’s ability to capture an audience is unmatched. Her body of work has been described as a host of stimulating adventures and invigorating expression.








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