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see as they for they are us by diane sismour

April 13, 2022 by in category From a Cabin in the Woods by Members of Bethlehem Writers Group, Poet's Day by Neetu Malik tagged as , , , , ,

see as they for they are us

see as they who walk alone
blindly staring to atone
the sins committed on fellow man
when what they need is a helping hand
someone to guide them along the path
through minefields of humanity unscathed

see as those who bury their dead
disease running rampant, too many unfed
victims of hatred, ignorance, abhorred
collateral damage in another man’s war
to those still giving when all is lost
who care for others, no matter the cost

see as they who take one step
forward progress, a movement swept
to not disdain someone on sight
and realize everyone has the right
to live a life filled with hues
to love in peace and not abuse

see as they who stand proud
love is fertile and grows abound
make way the hoe to till the soil
weed the hate, uproot the spoiled
open your palm to plant the seeds
offer a smile so more may feed

see as they who know the sins
of what humanity has done to them
yet open their arms to love one another
belying religion, creed, or skin color
to heal the pain that others commit
by offering themselves compassionate

©2022 Diane Sismour

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