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Seriously Creative with Laura Gates-Lupton OCC/RWA Online Class @A_SliceofOrange

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OCC/RWA Online Class:

Seriously Creative: A Life Coach’s Approach to Productive Writing Success

October 15-November 9, 2018


Seriously Creative Class Graphic

About the Class:

Does your internal dialogue sound anything like this?

“I should be more disciplined. I need to be tougher on myself. I said I was going to really focus on my manuscript this week, and I haven’t even looked at it.  I need to get up early (or stay up late, or skip my lunch hour) and write.  (Insert famously productive writer’s name here) writes ten hours a day, cranks out five bestsellers a year, and still has time to tour.  I can’t even manage an hour.  I’m such a failure.”

If bullying yourself into submission (pun intended) isn’t working, then this four week course is for you.

Seriously Creative will incorporate the tools and techniques I use with my writer and illustrator clients to help them achieve higher levels of productivity and success without negative self-talk.  Using these methods, you will be able to:

-Figure out what’s really getting in your way (hint:  it isn’t a lack of discipline)

-Work effectively with the time you have, whether it’s too much or not enough

-Use two types of goals for increased motivation and keeping your work on track

-Create unique habits that work for you and your particular situation

-Understand the number one fear that holds people back from achievement, and how to dissolve it

-Conquer your inner bully, and shut down negative self-talk

By the conclusion of this course you will have a specific plan of action for getting and keeping your writing on track right now, as well as new strategies and techniques that will work for you in all the stages ahead.

About the Instructor:

Laura Gates-Lupton holds a master’s degree in clinical social work and is a Certified Professional Coach.  She has been helping people create healthier, happier, more productive lives for over 27 years.  She works with clients from all over the US and abroad, and loves seeing her writer clients get their work out into the world.  Laura is the mother of three amazing teens (whom she homeschooled, alongside her hardworking husband, until last year), and manages to do a bit of writing and freelance editing on the side.  Her mysteries have appeared in Woman’s World, Highlights and Rainbow Rumpus.  You can find Laura on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Enrollment Information:

This is a 4-week online course that uses email and Groupsio. The class is open to anyone wishing to participate. The cost is $30.00 per person or, if you are a member of OCCRWA, $20.00 per person.

To sign up or for more information, go to the class page at the OCC/RWA website: http://occrwa.org/classes/online-class-two/.

Linda McLaughlin
OCC/RWA Online Class Coordinator

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