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A Fantasy Life

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By Janet Quinn Cornelow

I have a new book coming out from Whiskey Creek Press in September. Wanted: True Love is a contemporary, fantasy romance. Bree-Anna, the heroine, is a witch coming up on her 200th birthday and needs to find true love to break a curse that was put on her by Gerard, a warlock. Unfortunately, every time Bree-Anna thinks she has found true love, Gerard steps in and something untoward happens to her suitor. Now she has met Quint. A hunk that she can really go for, if she can keep Gerard away from him. She only has two weeks to make Quint fall in love with her. And she can’t use her magic.

I have finished the galley and now I am waiting for the new cover. It just doesn’t feel finished without a cover and I have nothing to put up for a picture this month because I don’t have a cover.

I am still recovering from hurting my back and have gotten no writing done. I went to the movies yesterday and am paying for it today. My back does not like sitting for long times without moving. That could be why I am not getting much writing done.

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